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Outlook Backup – A simple, easy to use program for data backup of business and personal data kept in Microsoft’s popular email and time management package.

With the advances that have happened in modern computer technology, we all tend to take the speed and reliability of the Internet, email and our hardware, software and Internet connectivity and security for granted these days.
It is common for home based systems to run for years on end without anything but routine maintenance and this is largely due to the growing success of anti-virus packages, improved hardware reliability and technology which has dramatically increased the speed with which data can be transferred securely.
It is no surprise then that when the unexpected does happen and a system fails, the effects can be at best highly inconvenient and at worst very costly.

All computer users should be aware of the importance of both data security and of the need for backup in the event of system failure. Hard disks do still crash and corrupt. People lose portable computers or they are stolen and computers can be compromised when we least expect it for a huge number of reasons.

Of all the data we keep on hour hard drives, we can become most complacent about email data. We steadily build up lots of data in our email programs and often don’t give enough to thought to what should happen if we lose it. This data includes the settings and rules that we use in an email program, our calendar of appointments and vital business and personal contacts that we save.

Most of use the Internet for shopping increasingly and we save software passwords and license details, credit card receipts, financial information and a huge amount of data that we both don’t want to lose and which we don’t want falling into the wrong hands.

Outlook Backup is a very easy to use package which simply and easily allows you to back up all your Outlook data in one operation. Using an intuitive menu it allows you to select what you want to backup and it also has very useful scheduling, compression and password protection features.

If you can use Outlook, then, don’t worry you have the PC skills that you’ll need to use this valuable software. Not convinced? Download a copy of the software free and without obligation and see how easy and fast it is to use.

The free download is time limited and doesn’t export every setting however after trying it out you’ll be left with no doubt as to why Outlook Backup is the simple, straightforward solution that many of our customers now can’t imagine how they ever lived without.

Purchasing Outlook Backup once you’ve tried it is of course simple, safe and straightforward too and full after-sales support is available in the unlikely event that you need it.

System Requirements

"Backup Outlook" runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista with Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002 (XP), Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 (both 32bit and 64bit).

"Backup Outlook" costs only 39.95 USD
(includes 1 year free upgrades)
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Windows 8

'Backup Outlook' is fully compatible with Windows 8 and Outlook 2013.


"I've installed the latest BackupOutlook version using the info you sent me. As I said, it's an excellent product. Keep up the great work!"Francis Hensen

"I purchased a copy of Wisco Backup Outlook a few days ago and it helped greatly. Saved me about 4 full days in transferring about 350 email accounts, in 7 different PST files, from and old Windows XP laptop to a new Windows 7 laptop. "Martin G., USA

"I am not used to such a fast response from any tech support. I just figured it would take a few days. And I like your backup program. It's quite complicated to backup Outlook and almost impossible to restore all the settings. Your program makes it easy and automatic. I just finished reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling everything."Russell Unruh, USA


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